Mortgage Loans for Foreign National Buyers

Interested in investing in Orlando Florida but not a US citizen and need a mortgage?  There are mortgage loans available for you!  Fantastic interest rates and loans as high as 65% of the value!  Here is more information about the Foreign National Mortgage Programs:

1.   35% Down Payment

2.   1, 3 & 5 year ARM's amortized over 30 years :   NO prepayment penalty

3.   Copy of Passport & Driving License

4.   Verification of income : P60's or T4's for most recent 2 years and current wage stub. Self employed:     accountant's letter verifying gross annual income for the last 2 years and year to date

5.   2 months bank statements to show funds to close plus 6 months mortgage reserves (PITI)

6.   International credit report

So easy to qualify - no tax returns, no credit references etc. Only those documents above!


Contact us today to learn more or apply!  Email: or call 011 (863) 420-7247


Foreign National Mortgage Loans in  Central Florida only


Sorry, condos cannot be financed.